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Question 1:

The cross-channel aggregates the data flow and the stacked device chains to implement the transmitter replacement, but because of the limited cable bandwidth between the stacked devices, Which of the following ways to improve efficiency over forwarding?

A. Pass stack card Connect stack connected device

B. Enable stacking multi-master function Check

C. Configure stacking system MAC address switching

D. Enable traffic local first priority

Correct Answer: D

Question 2:

The following descriptions about the PPP CHAP ?( ) protocol authentication function are correct.

A. If the party does not have a username authentication account, the endpoint interface may not be configured with a password.

B. Use sequence authentication ID. MD5 Hash random number and secret key algorithm to calculate a value

C. It requires three texts to report authentication, and only send the name on the network instead of sending the password.

D. CHAP authentication authentication must be configured under the user interface

Correct Answer: BCD

Question 3:

Now there is a phone running RSTP. If the network topology changes, then the second table that is learned by the carrier will have what to change Turn?

A. All tables are deleted

B. Only the table related to the port that received the message will be deleted.

C. Except for the table related to the port, the edge item is deleted, and other tables are deleted.

D. If the aging time is set to 15 seconds, then the super aging entries will be deleted.

E. Except for the table related to the port and the table related to the port that receives the edge item TC message, the other items are deleted.

Correct Answer: E

Question 4:

The following is about the correct change of the MUX VLAN in Huawei.

A. Under the same one, you can mix and use VLAN MUX VLAN Super VLAN

B. MUX VLAN Principal VLAN Subor is divided into and divided into dinate VLANs, Subordinate VLAN S is separate VLAN and Isolate VLAN

C. Each can be bound to multiple Separate VLAN Principal VLANs

D. Principal Port MUX VLAN can communicate with all interfaces inside

Correct Answer: D

Question 5:

When a deployed LAN line goes wrong with a Huawei device, there are a large number of unknown sources in your LAN that discover the broadcast frame of the MAC address. a lot of unknown The source address broadcast will pay MAC single frame. What is the biggest harm to the change?

A. Consume available bandwidth

B. Increase the power consumption of the source

C. Occupied memory slow frame

D. The available MAC address entries in the consumption system

E. Occupation table TCAM item

Correct Answer: D

Question 6:

The following description of the process of receiving data in the Access mode for the exchange interface is correct?

A. Access mode directly discards the data frame with the tag

B. Only receive data in Access mode with label frame

C. Data The destination modification frame MAC address in the opportunistic data when the input interface frame is changed.

D. In the Access VLAN mode, the send frame will be stripped of the data.

Correct Answer: D

Question 7:

In which port can provide a copy of the path to the generated root point RSTP sufficient tree section?

What is the port?

A. Alternate Learning port and status

B. Alternate Forwarding Port and Status

C. Root port and shape Listening state

D. Designate Listening port and status

E. Alternate Discarding port and status

Correct Answer: E

Question 8:

Which of the following may affect the establishment of the option IBGP ( ) neighbor? Multiple selection

A. Authentication is unsuccessful

B. The BGP protocol version is inconsistent

C. IBGP ?Multi-hop not configured

D. IGP routing is unreachable

Correct Answer: ABD

Question 9:

The following about the attribute BGP RD ( ) filter, is the description correct? Multiple selection

A. If configured, but the route does not match any of the specified RD-filter RD RD Permit rules, the default match is then recognized.

B. The use of the RD-filter ” configuration is the relationship between rules or

C. If there is no configuration, but reference RD-filter RD-filter deny, this is the filter line, the match is the result

D. Multiple, according to the configuration, the line matching rules

Correct Answer: BD

Question 10:

ISIS DIS DIS ?( ) will access the election in the broadcast multiplex network. The following is correct.

A. ISIS DIS MAC is better than the first-ranked election. If it is consistent, it is better than the priority.

B. DIS CSNP is sent periodically to send messages to keep the data synchronization certificate

C. Accessing the network in a broadcast multiplex network, sending DIS Hello PDUs at a rate of three times

D. DIS DIS LSP support occupies the function, the new one occupies the success, does not need to flood any text

Correct Answer: ABC

Question 11:

What is correct about the following description? Filter-policy

A. In the middle, Filter-Policy, OSPF ASBR type 5 LSA type 7 LSA can be generated for filtering

B. The previous list can be used for both route suffix filtering and packet filtering.

C. Filter-Policy can receive or route the information line to filter the chain status, and modify the attributes of the route entry.

D. Pre-use list When route filtering is applied, the entry ip ip-prefix 1 deny 0 less-equal 32 means that only the default route is matched.

Correct Answer: A

Question 12:

OSPFv3 OSPFv2 OSPFv3 protocol Single-issue protocol is a separate one. It differs from the other in

terms of road-based rather than network segment chain.

The next thing is to say the mistake ?

A. Two routers connected to the link, even if their IPv6 addresses are differently suffixed, they can still establish a neighbor relationship.

B. Pairing the two routers connected to the road, even if you do not configure the broadcast IPv6 address, you can establish a neighbor.

C. The OSPFv3 Link-local router obtains the next hop of the neighboring address from the neighboring routing information.

D. In addition to the virtual connection, all interfaces use the address of the address composition OSPFv3 Link-local

Correct Answer: D

Question 13:

About the sliding window TCP ( ) action, which of the following description is the error? Multiple selection

A. When the repeater is over-timed, the sender does not receive the confirmation, and the data will be unrecognized.

B. Sending the transmission end does not require a full window size

C. TCP Sliding window allows multiple packets to be sent before receiving the acknowledgment

D. Sliding window size can only increase or remain unchanged

E. The sender announces the initial window size

Correct Answer: DE

Question 14:

As shown in the figure, in the context of the IPv4 IPv6 ISIS NET SEL 00 ring, the address in the field begins with the final value.

A. Correct

B. Error

Correct Answer: A

Question 15:

If shown, a part of a router is as shown in the first line of the LSDB LSP LSP. First received a new one, as shown in the second jump below. The column method is wrong

A. The router will put the newly received LSP LSDB.

B. This router will ignore neighboring LSPs received from the home.

C. If it is a point-to-point network, this router will send PSNP

D. If it is a broadcast network, it will be DIS CSNP LSP in the next text, containing the summary information of this

Correct Answer: B