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Question 1:

Failure to designate at least one date or date/time field as segment will cause which of the following to occur during a search operation?

A. end-users will not be able tosearch using a date field

B. all database tables belonging to that Application Group will be searched, potentially causing poor performance

C. end-users will receive a warning message ( field has not been identified as a database segment field)

D. the document indexes will never expire when arsmaint is run

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

A report that has been archived into OnDemand suddenly fails to load. The OnDemand system administrator investigates and determines that the format of the report has changed. What action should be taken?

A. modify the view information in the application

B. modify the indexer parameters in the application

C. modify the load information in the application

D. modify the field information in the application group

Correct Answer: B

Question 3:

Which OnDemand command line utility program is used to unload data?

A. arsload

B. arsmaint

C. arsadmin

D. arsdb

E. none of the above

Correct Answer: C

Question 4:

Which OnDemand user type is permitted to maintain storage sets and printers?

A. User

B. User Administrator

C. Application Group/Folder/Cabinet Administrator

D. Hold Administrator

E. System Administrator

F. Any user type, assuming authority has been granted to do so

Correct Answer: E

Question 5:

Which ofthe following is NOT a function of the OnDemand library server?

A. user authentication

B. logging

C. searching

D. data loading

Correct Answer: D

Question 6:

Company policy requires thatapplication development and testing be isolated from production systems. With respect to OnDemand, which of the following options best satisfies this policy?

A. Use separate application groups, applications, folders and user accounts for development and testing

B. Install another copy of OnDemand on a different server for development and testing

C. Create a second object server for development and testing

D. Create a second OnDemand instance for development and testing

Correct Answer: D

Question 7:

An OnDemand __________ maintains data for a certain length of time on certaintype(s) of media.

A. application

B. application group

C. cabinet

D. folder

E. storage set

Correct Answer: E

Question 8:

An SSN (Social SecurityNumber) is a common database field for many applications, but the format of the SSN on different documents can vary. For example, one document uses a 9 digit SSN without dashes or spaces (xxxxxxxxx), another includes spaces (xxx xx xxxx), and a third includes dashes (xxx-xx-xxxx).

Which one of the following methods is used to store the SSN from all applications in a single format?

A. Specify a default format option for the SSN field in each application

B. Remove embedded dash and space characters from theSSN field in each application

C. Remove embedded dash and space characters from the SSN field in the application group

D. Use the MASK option in the FIELD index parameter statement to ignore dashes and spaces in the SSN field

Correct Answer: B

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