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Question 1:

The CCO contains:

A. The zonal information for the fingerprint that you wish to capture.

B. The luminescence delta between the fingerprint and the runtime image.

C. The contrast and brightness information of the image.

D. The word and line geometry of the form and some data populated by recognition.

Correct Answer: D

Question 2:

eDocs refers to:

A. Processing an EDI stream.

B. Document enhancement.

C. Converting electronic files to images for processing.

D. Enterprise capture of documents.

Correct Answer: C

Question 3:

Capturing Line Items on a document requires:

A. Manual entry of all lines.

B. Entering the number of lines to be captured.

C. Cleaning the data and filtering the lines.

D. The Fingerprint Web Service.

Correct Answer: B

Question 4:

The process of highlighting a portion of the image to save the zone and pull the data into the currentfield is called:

A. ClickeyClick??ey

B. Dynamic Recognition

C. Point and Populate

D. Strafing

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

FlexID is:

A. A manual way of identifying pages.

B. The ability of rules to identify documents of different lengths.

C. The abilityto delay or skip PageID until it can be managed in BPM.

D. The ability of ISIS scanners to identify specific page types.

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

What is a .tio file in Taskmaster demos and Foundation Applications?

A. A renamed PDF version of the image.

B. The original TIFF.

C. The time inprocessed statistics.

D. None of the above.

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

Which recognition engine is NOT included with the product?

A. RecoStar

B. ScanSoft


D. Parascript

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

Actions can be written in whatplatform?

A. DotNet

B. VB Script

C. Java

D. Both A and B

Correct Answer: D

Question 9:

Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Fingerprints can be created on-the-fly.

B. Fingerprints are matched by matching the CCO files.

C. Fingerprints are not resolution dependent.

D. Matching fingerprints captures the pixel offset of the best match.

Correct Answer: C

Question 10:

What is a keyword list?

A. A list that contains the allowable values for a field.

B. A list of labels with which a document is searched.

C. Reserved words that a field CANNOT contain under any circumstances.

D. It is what we call the password file.

Correct Answer: B

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