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• Compare the past and present formats of the MCAT


• Find answers to common MCAT CBT questions, such as length, scoring, security, and instructions



• Confirm the must-know MCAT Registration info and check test center locations worldwide


• Browse quick tips for scheduling and registering that will optimize your MCAT experience


• Preview the standard MCAT exam day agenda, from I.D. verification and check-in to satisfaction survey at test’s end


• Learn test-taking tips from those who have experienced the MCAT CBT first-hand


• Translate your subjective impression of the MCAT CBT into a more obective grasp


• Find information and options for converting, receiving, and releasing your MCAT scores


• Free, interactive database of visual prep tutorials from across the web


• A massive pool of MCAT test topics framed around the MCAT Physical and Biological Sciences sections


• Collaborate with a multitude of other student and professional contributors to build the largest pool of scientific knowledge on the web


• Establish yourself as an expert in your own by right by authoring, reviewing, and/or editing as many articles as you wish


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