For High School Pre-Med Students

You are seeking a headstart and edge, obviously because you are visiting our site, curious about if it’s the right time to get involved.  We recommend that you first complete the fundamental science courses (Chemistry, Physics, & Biology), college prep or AP level, offered at your high school.  Then, you'll be well-positioned to maximize the opportunities and resources available to you at MCATWizard.com.


For College Pre-Med Students

We strongly suggest that you dive right into the abyss of MCAT and pre-med resources and functionality at our site.  As soon as you even have the fleeting thought of going Pre-Med…definitely before you even declare your major you should get involved.  

Systematically make your way through the site, and you’ll be accomplishing three supremely important tasks in the Pre-Med journey: 

  1. Raising or maintaining a very high GPA
  2. Preparing gradually for the MCAT CBT
  3. Building and fine-tuning the skills and abilities you'll need to become a doctor

The scope of the entire site goes far beyond teaching you test strategies and reviewing MCAT content.  The actual process of being interactive at our site – such as reading and uploading Papers for Review, authoring MCAT Wiki entries, submitting MCAT Quizzes and Videos, staying current with My News – all work harmoniously to improve your critical thinking and analytical skills, reading speed and comprehension, and writing skills. 

If you have time, go visit aamc.org and see how the MCAT is described and what skills it tests.  Yes, MCATWizard.com helps cultivate the necessary skill set which AAMC describes that you'll need to succeed in college, on the MCAT and in medical school.  Our Med School Prep section helps you stay organized with applications and tells you all you need to know about evaluating med schools and how to rank programs and make your final decision. 

If this isn't enough, the networking component of this site helps tremendously for your medical school, residency, and professional years as a medical doctor.


For Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Students

It’s not too late.  In fact, we believe that it’s never too late even if you decide to go to medical school much later in the game.  You may have worked for 1 or 2 years in another career and felt unfulfilled or not challenged enough.  You may have worked in research and realized that a Master’s or Ph.D. is either not for you or not enough for you.  Your dream might have always been to become a physician but that was put on hold because now you have children or some other important personal responsibilities. 

Irrespective of your rationale behind pursuing a career in medicine, which probably means that you’ll now have to take undergrad pre-requisites, you’ll be able to join a community of users where you’ll meet current med school students and doctors who made it through the process when starting up as a post-bac.  

Your mission to become a doctor begins, in earnest, when we welcome you into our community.


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