Q:    What is MCAT Science Linker?

A:    A massive pool of MCAT test topics framed around the MCAT Physical and Biological Sciences sections, respectively.  The concept was born out of the MCAT Genesis Project and the initiative to make MCAT prep freely accessible to all.   MCAT Science Linker was designed with the following objectives in mind:   organize, participate, and share educational resources that will make MCAT prep more efficient, convenient, and less stressful for everyone.



Q:    Why should I use it?

A:    Anyone who has ever studied for or taken the MCAT knows the immense value of going into the actual exam with a well-rounded MCAT science knowledge base.   Keep in mind that MCAT is the operative term here because you do not need to know advanced engineering physics or the intricacies of quantum mechanics but you must have the fundamental MCAT sciences down pat in order to score well. 

As you might have heard or already know, the MCAT is NOT a pure memory-based, factually-oriented exam.   You absolutely must have your test-taking strategies and techniques practiced and refined in order to be most efficient and successful on your official test day.   You also must be "adaptable" so that you can handle any and every passage thrown at you.   In sum, an exceptional MCAT score is attained through a firm grasp of the MCAT sciences, technically sound strategies that work for you, and the ever-important intangible quality of being adaptable.



Q:    When?

A:    Frankly, you can tap into the abyss of info and science links at anytime.  However, the earlier you come across MCAT Science Linker, the better off you'll be on exam day.   How so?  Well, imagine if you had a clearer idea of what you are expected to know for the MCAT when you took all of your beginning bio, physics, general chemistry, and organic chemistry courses and labs.   Yep, if you slacked a bit in your labs then you'll have to make up some ground and pay heed to the unfamiliar lab terms and techniques within our different sections.  Have no worries, for the more interactive you are within MCAT Science Linker, the MCAT Wiki, and anywhere else on MCATWizard.com, the better positioned you'll be to score highly on the MCAT CBT and secure your future path as an MD.   One more thing...by each of us participating, sharing links, and enhancing MCAT Science Linker collectively, we'll obviate the need for you to go back and dig through your old class and lab notes (if you even have them or can find them :)



Q:    How does it work?

A:    Logically, we've divided up the content into four sections corresponding to the four primary MCAT scientific disciplines which are as follows:

We recommend that you first skim over the four sections to get an appreciation and feel for the breadth of MCAT info assembled.  Then, you should work towards shoring up your weaknesses and closing those gaps in your MCAT knowledge base.    Pick, choose, and explore topics to review or systematically plow through the material with your own method.  

All we ask is that you get involved and send us a link or two when you get a chance so that we can further build up and improve MCAT Science Linker.   Here's how: 

      1.   You'll do this by clicking on  < Share a Link >

      2.   Copy and paste the link URL (web address)

      3.   Click send at the bottom of the form

The more specific you are, with respect to where this link should be listed, the easier it is for us to process your suggested link.   So, we'll approve your link submission and post it live on MCATWizard.com shortly thereafter.  Listed links are denoted by an asterisk *.   If you're already logged in, your e-mail and username will be automatically filled in when using the form.   Just in case you haven't done so, please sign up for your free account now and create your profile.

Also, you can show your support by linking to any of our MCAT Science Linker pages (from your personal website or MySpace page) and telling your profs and pre-med advisors about MCATWizard.com.   Thanks for participating!  We wish you the absolute best in your MCAT prep, and we're happy to have some small part in helping you get into your med school of choice!





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