Final administration in August ‘06

Exclusively a Computer-Based Test
*NOT an adaptive exam
First administration in January ‘07

Exam Day Length

8 hrs.

5 hrs., 20 min.
4 hrs., 30 min. of MCAT content time

 Test Sections 77 Physical Sciences Q's, 100 min.
60 Verbal Reasoning Q's, 85 min.
2 Essays, 30 min. each
77 Biological Sciences Q's, 100 min.

 52 Physical Sciences Q's, 70 min.
 40 Verbal Reasoning Q's, 60 min.
 2 Essays, 30 min. each
 52 Biological Sciences Q's, 70 min.


2 x / yr.  23 x in ‘08

MCAT science content

G-Chem, Physics, Biology, & O-Chem  same




The MCAT is administered ONLY in English
at all testing locations. 



Raw scores get converted to scaled scores of 1 – 15 on the Physical, Verbal, and Biological sections. Total raw scores on the Writing Sample are converted to a scaled score of J-T. The MCAT is curved for the various forms per administration.





1 hr. break following the Verbal section
Mandatory 10-15 min. breaks

No 1 hr. break after Verbal
Optional 10-min. breaks between sections


Registration handled online through AAMC.org
Registration deadline is a month before the official exam day.


Registration opens up roughly 12 weeks prior to the exam date Deadline is 14 calendar days before the exam date.
*You will be assessed a fee for late registration.
Register now  for the MCAT CBT



Current photo ID, manual fingerprinting, assigned seat in general testing area

Current photo ID with signature
and expiration date,
digital fingerprinting, assigned seat at computer workstation

Testing Centers

Large testing areas such as lecture halls on university campuses.

MCAT CBT testing locations
Administered by Thomson Prometric
Limited seating; smaller rooms
Read a Prometric MCAT CBT article

Exam Instructions

Proctor recites instructions, hands out and gathers exam booklets.

Computer tutorials 
Exam administrator goes through
a more efficient check-in and check-out process with examinees.

Receiving MCAT scores 

Option to receive paper or electronic scores. Takes about 60 days to get scores.

Option for paper or electronic scores.
Wait roughly 30 days to receive scores.

Re-taking the MCAT

Can take a max. of 3 x before needing special approval through AAMC. Can take a max. of 3 x but an examinee can only be registered for one MCAT CBT date at a time. Special approval no longer needed in this particular case.



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