MCAT Registration
  WHO can register?
  • Contact AAMC for special permission to register if you are already a med student or if you are not applying to any of the aforementioned professional schools
  WHO administers the MCAT CBT?


  • Be aware of the fact that it is possible that Prometric may re-assign your MCAT CBT exam to a different testing location
  • Check, the day prior to your official MCAT date, that you know precisely where your testing center will be located on exam day
  • Also, be sure to have updated contact info so that you'll be kept apprised of any changes...you want to minimize the potential surprises in your days leading up to the MCAT
  WHEN to register?
  • Definitely register early on in the game to lock in your preferred test date
  • Prometric test centers have limited seating; this is a plus because the MCAT used to be administered in large lecture halls and centers but now examinee groups are significantly smaller
  • But this also means that you will be competing with others for the date and location that you want
  • The current MCAT exam schedule is structured such that your scores would be available to meet the majority of med school application deadlines
  • Remember to select the exam date that fulfills the requirements of your prospective med schools.  If you are not sure, you can always initiate direct contact with the med school
  • Late registration - yes, this is possible but you will incur a late fee
  HOW MUCH is the registration process?
      Regular MCAT CBT Registration:            $210
      Late MCAT CBT Registration fee:           $50  

      International MCAT Test Site fee:          $60

      Change of your Exam Date fee:              $50
      Cancellation of your Exam before your Exam date:  eligible for a 50% refund (before the deadline)
      Change of your Test Location fee:          $50
NOTE:  AAMC offers a Fee Assistance Program (FAP).  If you qualify, your MCAT registration fee will be reduced to only $85.  Check the FAP eligibility conditions to see if you might qualify.
  WHERE can I take the MCAT CBT?

  • The MCAT is global in scope.   International MCAT CBT sites have separate exam schedules.  Be sure to research the specific location at which you're planning to take the MCAT.  Check out the list of MCAT testing sites, outside of the U.S., where you can take the MCAT.


 British Columbia



 Hong Kong









 Nova Scotia






 South Africa

 United Kingdom



  HOW do I register?
  • Online pre-registration is mandatory and a "walk-in MCAT" is not permissible
  • Ok, if you feel like you now know enough, get right to it and register for the MCAT and just hope that you're early enough to secure a seat in your testing location of choice and on your preferred date
  WHAT else should I be aware of?
  • Try to take the MCAT in January, April, or May for the purpose of knowing your score before you apply to med schools. You should already be preparing for your applications before you even take the MCAT.  Sitting for the exam earlier in the year also allows you to tweak your plan for re-taking the MCAT (if this pertains to you).
  • Enter your name in the online registration system precisely as it appears on the ID you bring to the test center
  • Be sure that your e-mail account does not recognize AAMC or Prometric messages as spam 
  • Check that all fees for your MCAT have been paid in full before exam day



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