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• Experience a community of thinkers, authors, and artists who want to teach, learn, and share knowledge and insights with the world


• Create your virtual shadow, sharing your interests, photos, and more with friends


• Check and send messages, search for buddies online, and upload multimedia clips


• Read the latest science & tech, health, world issues, and much more


• Sort news topics by business, entertainment, sports, etc.


• Send and receive rich-text messages, customizable to fit your personal style


• Keep archived records (to the minute) of every message sent or received


• Opt to be notified on-screen when you receive new messages


• Share your favorite sayings, jokes, “-isms”, etc. for the entire community to enjoy


• Check out the featured Quote or Joke of the Day, submitted by a registered user


• Increase your trivial knowledge here


• Seamlessly join or create your own User Groups, and take your involvement to a new level


• Your Profile data conveniently linked to your User Group activities


• Easily keyword Search an ever-growing video database for relevant videos by simply entering a keyword, then rate and comment on them


• Our expansive video library covers a wide range of scientific content and can be sorted several ways, including Most Recent, Most Viewed, and Top Rated


• Upload and manage your own video gallery and share your favorites with buddies


• Join other users in the MCAT Chat rooms, designated for specific MCAT topics and off-topic discussions


• Instantaneous communication in a rich-text format makes sharing stories, ideas, and concepts more fun and faster than ever


• Discuss anything and everything MCAT, Pre-Med, Science, or even just general topics here, with the rest of the MCAT Wizard community


• Post your way through six distinct levels of interactive FORUM rankings, starting as an Apprentice and culminating with the rank of Wizard





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