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Our goal is to consistently provide students with a free, comprehensive pre-med resource which enables them to build a well-rounded knowledge base, acquire essential test-taking skills, score highly on the MCAT CBT, and successfully complete the application process to medical school. Beyond these areas, we strive to create a highly effective community that interacts and grows together – where individual voices can be heard for the sake of enlightenment and understanding. The aim of MCAT Wizard is simply to work together in making MCAT prep and medical school advice accessible to all future doctors. Our mission is to help create future leaders in medicine whose endeavors will serve to better healthcare worldwide.




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The MCAT Genesis ProjectTM marks collaborative efforts among both student and professional contributors, respectively. This project began when its creators envisaged a robust online platform where a worldwide community of users could readily gather and think, write, and discuss manifold intellectual disciplines to achieve deeper understanding.

The project marks a personal and collective coming into being. On a personal level, MCATWizard.com delivers ample opportunities for you to get engaged and contribute. The following is just a glimpse at how you can participate and interact when you check out the Big Three - My MCAT Spot, My MCAT Wizard, & My Med School Prep:



You also have the capability and freedom to devise MCAT Wiki entries to further the objective of building a rich, collective knowledge base. The MCAT Genesis Project is simply all about fostering growth and development. Register your free account in no time at all.

The breadth of content, features, and applications currently accessible at MCATWizard.com - including all future additions and enhancements - is made possible by the collaborative work of an international group of physicians, scientists, educators, and researchers who have attended and worked at institutions such as Johns Hopkins, NASA, and the National Institutes of Health. The creators of MCATWizard.com want each and every user of the site to have the opportunity to make a difference. What we are seeking is personal dedication, with all individuals doing their small parts, in our mission to improve the healthcare landscape. To reach this end, it all starts with challenging and shaping the minds of future physicians.





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